Pretty Green People – Barbara Faibish

Barbara Faibish is a real inspiration to anyone who is wanting to dip their toes into the raw way of living. Since she discovered the benefits of eating raw, she hasn't looked back. Now she not only lives this way, she is on a mission to help others who want to try and improve their own health. Based in Strangford, Co Down, Barbara now holds monthly raw food demonstrations, where you can not only discover the benefits of raw food, but get to taste the delicious meals she will make. At these demonstrations Barbara will also answer any questions you may have.
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Tell me a little about yourself - how long have you been a raw vegan & health coach?

I am 63 years old.  I got into raw food 8 years ago because of bad arthritis.  I read in the Vegetarian Magazine about Andrew Davis who had cured his arthritis with raw food and started the Raw Food School.  I booked myself on the next course.  I really enjoy fresh, organic plant based food and eat 80% raw.  I started doing raw food demonstrations five years ago.  I qualified as a health coach two years ago.  I really enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained. 

Since you have become a raw vegan what improvements to your health have you noticed?

Health improvements:

  •  arthritis symptoms significantly reduced
  •  improved skin - eczema disappeared
  •  thicker shinier hair
  • increased flexibility
  • better immune system
  • gum disease gone
  • weight loss

Do you believe that incorporating raw food into the diet is beneficial for everyone?

Most certainly yes.  For those with compromised digestive systems, it may be juices and smoothies.  For others - juices, smoothies and salads.

Are there any ‘cooked’ foods that you miss or crave?


What can someone expect at one of your demonstrations? 

All day tasting of delicious raw food - green juice, smoothie, salads, main course, dessert, snack, handout with loads of information, fermented foods.

How important do you think it is it to eat organic produce?

Very - why would you put chemicals that are designed to kill living things in your body?  Especially important to buy organic apples (the most highly sprayed fruit); potatoes; green leaves of any kind (spinach, lettuce, etc); cucumbers, celery, red peppers.  Modern farming methods are destroying the environment.

Is there any dish that you would recommend to a person who was trying to cut down their meat consumption? 

If they would like a 100% raw meal then I suggest this satisfying and very easy to make Hemp, Pepper and Avocado Salad.