Hello, welcome to A Pretty Green Life!
I’m Mairead, a 30-something, full-time mum of two boys, living in Belfast, N.Ireland.

My Story

I discovered I was pregnant in February 2008, and this was pretty much when my whole life changed in more ways than one. (As it does for all women!) Before then I didn’t think too much about what I ate or drank, or how I lived, but knowing I was going to be responsible for another tiny human, made me reassess my life, and life choices, in so many ways. I found myself reading the ingredients lists on all foods, drinks, healthcare products, even household products – because I wanted to make the healthiest and greenest choices I could.

I've noticed over the last few years that the general public are becoming more and more health conscious. We are no longer taking food manufacturers word for it when they claim their product too be ‘healthy’. If a healthcare product claims to be made from ‘natural ingredients’, we are becoming a bit more savvy, and are realising that it will more than likely still contain a list of chemicals that aren’t good for us. 

I am all for this move towards health and that’s one reason I’ve started this blog. Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. My reasons are I want to know more about the food I’m making for myself, and my family, so I can make healthier choices. Also I’ve started running recently and would like to become a lot fitter. I am aware I've still quite a way to go with these – but I'm on the right road, so I'm happy with that!

I love discovering stories and ideas that inspire me and I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve mine and my family's health – another reason for starting this blog – as I thought it would be a fun way to share information and ideas I have already discovered, as well as all the new and interesting things I’m still to find out. I really hope that some of it resonates with you, and you will feel inspired enough to make a change for a better, happier you. Small steps are all it takes, we just need to take every day as it comes making small changes daily, and soon we'll notice a real difference – that we are living a healthier lifestyle. (That's the plan, anyway!) 

I’ll be sharing recipes, talking about various healthcare & household products, places I’ve visited or would like to visit, therapies I’ve used – basically anything that is in the slightest bit related to living a more natural and healthy life.  As well that I will be chatting to some pretty cool people along the way in my 'Pretty Green People' posts.

I'm not a trained nutritionist, (although that is on my wish list for the future) nor do I have any medical training. Hopefully though, some of my posts will highlight helpful ways you can change your life or motivate you to research ideas mentioned a little further in order to live a pretty green life. 

Thanks for reading - I really hope you enjoy it as much and I do xx